Anna ( Alder Moon )

Anna/Alder moon
Anna/Alder Moon




Anna has experienced  the paranormal  all her life. She is an experienced paranormal investigator,empath, and medium with a variety of clairvoyant gifts that she uses to help both spirits and people  on a regular basis. After more than 20 years dedicated to helping people with their paranormal situations, She co-founded Laguna Paranormal Solutions where she is the resident spirit whisperer . She also cleanses homes, businesses and people of undesirable energies and spirits.
She lives for helping people, and spirits .  She offers her assistance online and in person when possible in Elk Grove California, as well as Yakima Washington where she leads our new team.
She has had many experiences with the paranormal both good and ,not so good and is happy to share the knowledge she has gained through these.
She is a firm believer that knowledge is power and the more open-minded you are the more knowledge you’ll acquire, and
feels there is something to be learned from every story even if it can’t be seen,or seems ridiculous at the time.
She is a huge supporter of para unity and thinks there is much to learn from each other.
You can contact her by email at